Friday, 10 January 2014

Priority Credit Recovery Inc. and Account Adjustment Bureau save US Producer with Innovative Solution.

PCR received a collection account from one of their Multi-National Canadian clients for over $100K against a USA Producer.  PCR engaged their USA subsidiary Account Adjustment Bureau. The documentation consisted only of invoices, a name and number.

An investigation was conducted; the debtor was contacted who admitted to receiving and selling the product. There was no dispute. They cited poor financial planning and cost overruns as the cause for non-payment. They could not pay and legal action appeared to be the only recourse. It was clear to PCR/AAB the debtor needed to restructure, increase profitability by lowering production costs, plus they needed better equipment.

A solution was proposed by PCR/AAB and accepted by the client and debtor. PCR/ AAB drafted a loan agreement, incorporated Personal and Corporate Guarantees, interest and a fee structure for the service. The debtor converted the payable to a term loan, which enabled them restructure, obtain capital financing, increase profitability and expand their market share. The client converted the receivable to an investment asset and continues to do business on a COD basis.

The supplier and producer continue to have a mutually profitable relationship. USA/Canadian International Relations improved with this innovative solution proposed by highly trained professionals who went outside the box.  

This example is proof that PCR/AAB professionals look beyond the obvious when collecting a debt. 

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