Friday, 12 September 2014

Dialing For Dollars – On Steroids!

The accounts receivable department is a very busy place – processing credit applications, limit increase requests, sales inquiries, processing and posting payments, and of course making collection calls. If your list of customers on your Aged Trial Balance is quite large, you may never get to the end of your customer call list before its time for another month end.

If This Sounds Like You – You’re Not Alone.

Many credit professionals have the same challenges. If the customer were to call, you could find the time to talk; however the reality is that the smaller balances do not get the same treatment as the larger ones. One solution could be to hire another credit analyst to make those calls if you have the time to train and budget for it.  Another common option, if your system allows for it, is to send your customer a system generated demand letter.

No Extra H/R Budget? Here’s a Cost Effective Option

If your system is capable of exporting customer data such as telephone numbers, customer account number, and customer name, we can create an automated telephone call campaign using a custom pre-recorded message. Thousands of calls can be completed each day. The message asks your customer to call your office or they have the option of speaking to a live operator at your company. You maintain complete control of the customer experience with all funds directed to your office.

Bottom Line

Custom calling campaigns have produced some amazing results. Clients report a payment in full rate of up to 50% for much less than the cost of another employee. Sales Managers report increased sales as a result of old accounts being resolved. And customer satisfaction results actually improve as customer issues are getting solved.

 If you are interested in deciding if custom calling campaigns are right for your business – give us a call today for a free review.

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